DPO Milk Valley Master Plan

“DPO Milk Valley, Milk Industrial Knowledge Park” DPO Milk Valley, Development Areas for Sustainable Milk Industrial Park for Promoting Dairy farm and Agriculture Knowledge Center,

Originals under the Royal Initiative of His Majesty the King Rama IX by conveying the story from the past since the start point of feeding dairy cows which is the memorable history. Involve with the background of the dairy farm, DPO originated from the strong relationship between Thailand and Denmark. The project represented the relation of two Kings towards dairy cows feeding in Thailand. Thus, to develop the project is to identify the entity of the lifestyle and geography between two countries along with harmoniously integrate to the planning and being an Honor of the Kings from both countries.

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Appointment: 2016

Completion: 2017

Status: Master Plan

Client Name: Dairy Farming Promotion

Organization of Thailand (DPO),

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Land Area : 2,700 rai / 4,320,000 sq.m.

Project Value: 6,901,370,000 THB