The Varina Sen Sok

The Varina Club is inspired by a “back to nature” concept and an earth-tone color palette. The project’s landscape features rocks and stones so you can feel a natural atmosphere as you step into the project. A “green boulevard” features rows of trees along the main road so you can experience the refreshing feel

of a resort. “Oxygen Park” allows you to reclaim your wholeness through true relaxation. Enjoy an enchanting life in a perfect community in an ideal location that can conveniently connect you to the city center.

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Appointment: 2017

Completion: 2018

Status: Completion

Client Name: Mr. Se Chhay Heng,

Borey Varina Investment Co., Ltd.

Land Area: 10.20 ha. / 102,000 sq.m.

Built Area: 109,795 sq.m.

Project Value: 29,475,000 USD