The Royal Barges National Museum

The Royal Barges National Museum will be adding a state-of-the-art conservation center and a learning center for visitors to learn about Thai heritage and craftsmanship. Elements of traditional Thai architecture will define the building’s contemporary design, which is elegant and fit for royalty. The former pavilion at Wasukri Royal Pier beside of The Royal Barges National Museum, which was used as a resting point for royals during processions, would be raised up on a platform to reflect its royal significance. Moreover, the landscape surrounding the procession route will also be developed to make it more appropriate for royalty and to portray Thai history as it once was.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Appointment: 2016

Completion: 2017

Status: Conceptual Design

Client Name: Bangkok Metropolitan

Administration (BMA)

Land Area: 0-2-80 rai / 1,140 sq.m.

Built Area: 10,720 sq.m.

Project Value: 500,000,000 THB