Bokor Mountai Resort Master Plan

Located in southern Cambodia, near Veal Rinh Bay, Bokor Mountain Natural Park is one of the most beautiful natural places in Southeast Asia. It is an extraordinary place to visit because of its many centuries-old buildings surrounded by natural resources and valuable history.

The world class tourist destination consists of three plateaus. The first will be full of historical, cultural, and natural activities including the redesigned landscape around Bokor Palace and the sightseeing point behind the building. The second contains exclusive residences with natural surroundings on 448 hectares of land. The third plateau consists of nature-based adventure activities like camping, hiking, and tracking. This Bokor Mountain Resort will be a beautiful integration of new development and the preservation of historical elements.

Location: Kampot, Cambodia

Appointment: 2017

Completion: 2019

Status: Master Plan

Client Name: Sokha Hotel Co., Ltd.

Land Area: 2,629.12 ha. / 2,691,200 sq.m.

Built Area: 1,709,600 sq.m.

Project Value: 629,132,800 USD